Success does not happen by accident.
It only happens by our being INTENTIONAL.

Join us to learn about living intentionally and make your life, marriage, family, business, work, relationships and wealth stronger and more fulfilling than they have ever been.

Sept 11 - Nov 13, 2016

10 Week Course Sunday’s from 9:30am - 10am

We will be digging into John C Maxwell’s book
“Intentional Living - Choose a life that matters”

Hosted by Jeff Loewen a John Maxwell Team Certified Trainer


We have 2 Hardcover book options available for you.


Hard Cover book  Plus                   (at cost)                  $68 each

FREE access code to experience the “30 Day Journey”

by John Maxwell

                An online training by John Maxwell himself that includes:

                           30 days of a daily 10 minuteish training video (5 hrs)

                           The 30 Day Guide

                           A self-assessment questionnaire


Hard Cover book only         (discounted over 40%)             $20 each


For more information click here


To purchase and reserve a book option please register


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