bk-giyhcNo matter what you may have been told, the tests that you may have taken, or what you may believe about yourself - you have a unique gift inside of you that can change the world. So, what does God say about your gift? And how does neuroscience prove that you are uniquely equipped to fulfill your purpose? In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Caroline Leaf illustrates the revolutionary link between brain science and God's purpose for each one of us. This practical and easy-to-understand book will help you discover your special gift, overcome what may be standing in the way of living in your gift, and identify your truth-value.


Who                 Anyone who is interested

When               Course completed for 2015              

How long       10 weeks

Times             9:30 am - 10:15 am Sunday mornings

Where            109,  3750 - 46 Ave SE

How much    $40 for the book and work book


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While times change and technology marches forward, the principles of leadership are constant and stand the test of time. There are four ideas to keep in mind as you explore The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership:

1. The laws can be learned. Some are easier to understand apply than others, but every one of them can be mastered.
2. The laws can stand alone. Each law complements all the others, but you don’t need one in order to learn another.
3. The laws carry consequences. If you ignore them, you will be unable to lead well. If you implement them, people will follow you.
4. These laws are the foundation of leadership. Once you learn the principles, you have to apply them to your life to achieve your full potentials as a leader.


“The True Measure of Leadership is Influence – Nothing More, Nothing Less”         John C Maxwell


Who                Anyone who is interested

When              January 10 - March 20, 2016                

How long       10 weeks

Times             9:30 am - 10:05 am Sunday mornings

Where            109,  3750 - 46 Ave SE

How much     $15 for the book


Pastor Jeff is a John Maxwell Team Member  and Trainer